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Autism Tick tours as a part of Tick group holding supports autism community.
Due to our 22 years of experience in the tourism industry, we found a big need related to ASD people and their families to find travel services.

Autism Tick Tours is the first company in the world to provide tours for Autistic  Families. We want to fill this gap and provide all travel needs for autistic individuals and their families.
To achieve this goal, we were trained and certified in autism travel by IBCCES, then we established a free platform (Tick) for ASD to help them find Autism-Friendly places and services in every City
Because there are not many businesses who know about autism, our mission is to make connections with locals and attract them to be trained and certified as an Autism-Friendly Business and one which will be autistic friendly and accessible to all families who have autistic limitations will now be free to travel 

Another advantage, Tick Tours and Travels provides special tours for ASD people and their families to these safe destinations with equipped vehicles and trained tour guides.

For more information please contact us at info@ticktours.ca